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Over a decade of experience in pure performance digital marketing

Scale your business, make more money using our "elite" digital marketing agency

Here is why an agency is a better choice than an internal marketing team

Hiring an advertising agency is a smart move if you want to scale your business faster and have less headaches.  At the cost of a single employee you can have a whole world-class team, trained by marketing legends, ready at your disposal. 

There is another trick, an agency can see other "competing" ad accounts and always has an idea of what is working for others at the moment.

What gets us from the bed in the morning

Ads, Ads, Ads

Some might say money is the most powerful force in the world. We believe it to be words. Changing a name of a book can turn it from an unknown failure to a worldwide best seller. Words make people win elections, words make people buy products. Right words can cut your advertising costs in half. Once you realize the power, you get addicted. Copywriting and creating ads is our passion.

Landing pages

Need a massive boring website made? We are not your people. Need a page that converts to direct your ads to?

Oh boy, we cannot wait to create a page that will make people lust after your products or services!  Creating a website that not only looks good, but most importantly, converts visits to sales is an art (and science) that gets us up from the bed in the morning.


People separate branding from performance marketing. 

We strive to create advertising experiences that not only bring in clients, but leave a memorable and genuine impression of your unique brand. We want to bring you closer to the hearts of your customers, not just to their wallets. We want to make you remembered, talked about.

Funnel audits

A well built sales process, with all its upsells, downsells, slack adjusters and continuity offers is a make it or brake it these days.

We can work together to increase your average transaction value and average transaction frequency.  The most wasted opportunity usually lies in better optimizing the sales funnel.

Angle creation

Sometimes a great landing page or an ad is  not enough. We will help you to bring new life into your current offers, or position your new offer in the best possible way.

For example turning a 7 day free gym trial into a "lose your first kilo in a week challenge". By the way, it did cut our ad costs in half and improved client retention.

There is always a creative angle that will boost your offer ahead of everyone else. We are here to come up with it.

Words are even more powerful than money

Prove us wrong!

Money can get you sex,
but words can get you love.

Money can get you respect,
but words can get you a following.

Money can get you advertising space,
but it is the words that get you sales.

Histories most influential figures grew through the power of their words

Want your product to sell? 

Find the right words and you will become unstoppable. 

No hot-shot interns will threathen 

- The safety of your ad accounts
- Your reputation
- Your ad performance

David Oglilvy

Eben Pagan

Perry Belcher

Claude Hopkins

Seth Godin

Neil Patel

Your campaigns will be done by seasoned marketing talents trained by teachings of marketing legends and kept to date by regularly attending the most important marketing events worldwide.

We can get you customers
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Our Fees

Otakar Líbal

C.E.O. of Mad Monkey Marketing

Is there anything more exciting than seeing your ROI go up?

Do you get that tingling sensation in your belly everytime you get a a good idea for a new ad creative to test?

I own a racing Formula Predator and a racing Italian super sport bike. I enjoy them. However, going 250km/h on a race track while passing the 300m braking marker still doesn't beat the feeling I get when I hit publish on the ads for a new project.

For most, online marketing is a headache. Constant rule changes, account bans, poor performance, ever changing platforms, increasing costs… I wouldn't be surprised if some people had more pleasure filling out their tax declaration rather than opening their ad account.

However, for me, marketing and ads are everything. I have not worked in anything else in my life.

It is the only thing that I can do really well. It is my favorite „extreme sport“. It is my pride.

Nothing beats seeing performance increase while everyone else reports their ad costs going up.

In fact, I would really feel devastated if I didn't manage to beat your ads in maximum of two weeks.

That being said, I do still work with my very first client that I started working with more than ten years ago. That means that we do not accept new clients very often.

If you want, you can fill out the form below and we might contact you with an opportunity to work with us (especially get in touch if you have a small or a medium sized businesses that might be eligible for our investment program).

However, working with us comes with a few rules.

If we don't manage to increase your profits or get you to be profitable, we will not continue working with you (and we will also be ashamed). There might be someone else better suited to your needs. I feel sick looking at ads that don't turn into profit for the client (even if we ourselves do get some profit by managing them). It makes me feel like a disgusting degenerate and it disrupts our culture of excellence and high performance.

You have to be comfortable with approving a large amounts of landing page revisions and ad creatives. Good ads mean a lot of testing. I like to think of our agency as a racing team or a professional athlete, it is all in, go to the bleeding edge, or nothing. We do not accept clients that would get in a way of us doing the absolute best. It is bad for my morale and for the morale of my staff.

I am looking forward to talking to you!

C.E.O. of Mad Monkey Marketing

Measuring the cost of an advertising agency is always difficult because it doesn't depend on the fee, but rather on the ROI they manage to get you.

Our standard fee is $10 000usd/month + profit share

If you are a small or medium sized business owner, you might be eligible to apply for our investment program, learn more here.

 Some of our clients that we are helping to grow 

One of the largest networks of fitness centers for women.

The largest weight loss franchise in Central Europe.

A beauty salon franchise offering anti aging treatments.

An online horse training education company.

A race car driving experience company.

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