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Get up to $ 1 000 000 in growth capital a year for your brand

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You had the best marketing team working for you

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Here is how to get an investment and
support from an angel investor

And take your business growth to the next level

Otakar Líbal

C.E.O. of Mad Monkey Marketing
and investor

Would your business benefit from access to more capital or marketing expertise?

Growing a business is hard.

Nowadays, you just have to be good at everything. "kinda good" doesnt cut it anymore.  

We are passionate about growing small and medium businesses. We can get you the capital you need to grow and supercharge your marketing and lead generation. If your business fits our requirements we want to talk.

Go through our requirments bellow and  get in touch with our team in case you believe you might be eligible to secure an investment from us.

C.E.O. of Mad Monkey Marketing

"No need to put up your house, drown in credit cards,or give up a piece of your business to fund your advertising efforts.
Get fast growth capital!"

We check your marketing and revenue data

We will evaluate the performance of your business and whether we are able to ad value and boost your growth.

You will receive an investment offer

If you passed the first step, you are going to receive a detailed proposal on the form of our investment and its terms. Our success is tied to your success.

You get access to growth capital and marketing expertise

We are going to springle the magical marketing dust over your business and infuse it with sweet marketing capital.

It is about time you made it big!