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Advertising in over 10 countries

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We have experience successfully advertising various offers with positive ROI in over 10 countries.  Including the most competitive market, which is the USA. 

If you do not hate money, we can get make you more money by taking your business abroad. 

Or we can just do laser focused local super profitable local campaigns for you.

Over 9 years of experience

Step 1

The founder of Mad Monkey Marketing started advertising on Facebook while he was still finishing his university studies. 

Since then, he ran thousands of ads in all sorts of industries, ranging from fun leisure products in animal care and training all the way to serious medical services. 

Delivering clients for large multinational franchises and small, one man show, type of businesses as well.

Here are a few companies we are working with:

We have been delivering over 1500 new leads, month after month for over four years. Svet Zdravi is a giant in the weight loss industry operating in three countries, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. We are feeding all of its 93 locations with clients day after day at a set cost.

We have helped to build what became one of the biggest and most well known brands in the horse training space. Invisible Horse Control, successfully sells and advertises its training products in 10 countries around the world. We have been responsible for all their marketing since the beginning.

We are responsible for the supply of all the clients to the MyFace cosmetics network of beauty salons around Czech republic.  Focusing on clientele demanding the best of the best, we focus on delivering a steady stream of customers so this young franchise can focus on continued growth at a rapid pace.

Contours is franchise of gyms for women operating in all main cities across Czech republic. Contours has reached out to us with an offer that they needed to get clients for. We have dealt with the rest. We have made a high converting website and ads. All that Contours had to do was to serve the clients.

Lack of good marketing should not prevent great products from succeeding

We allow small businesses with zero marketing budget to market their products and services like the big players

We are on a mission to make online marketing agencies fair

Online advertising agencies can be pretty frustrating!

You pay for something to be done. It gets done. However does it do its job?

That is the stumbling block.

Did you end up with pretty things that make you feel proud, or did your business end up with an actuall profit?

Did thousands of people "see your brand" or did you get actual customers and sales?

Well, if you are struggling, it is not your fault. 

Why we do not charge for our services and guarantee you profit?

It all might sound a little bit too good to be true. Guaranteed profit?

We believe it should be normal. You would only pay your car mechanic, if he fixes the problem that you paid him to fix. Why should you pay your marketing agency if they dont bring you any profit?

No, but really?

We are both business owners. It is important to have a “higher purpose” in mind. Helps to promote your business, helps you to keep your employees motivated and enthusiastic. 

Who would want to work somewhere where they know that most of the sales they make lose their clients money. Running a business like this is a surefire way to never be able to hire someone truly good. It is also not a great way to make a business that will last.

I charged for my work once, and I will never do it again

We believe things should be fair. People should get what they deserve.

I charged for my work exactly once in my life, and I still regret it. I was approached by a man who had a training course for real estate agents. He was struggling to sell it and asked me to help.

So I did, I charged him a set amount like any agency would and I did the work.

He hired other people before that. They did exactly what I was about to do. They charged him a set price and prepared his ads.

Those ads didn’t work. He lost all the money he invested with the previous “experts” Their ads were worthless, they didnt produce any profit.

A true win-win

So, I prepared his ads.

They seemed to work great, but I didn’t know how his sales went.

After that, I got approached by a friend of his, she also wanted help with ads.

And she said “Martin was thrilled with your ads, he made over a million with them” I was thrilled on one side, but a little bit gutted on the other side.

He made over a million with my ads, even though he failed to make any money at all until then.

The reason why I was gutted was because I charged him ten thousand.

I thought, well that kind of sucks… I think I deserve more if my work had such an impact.

Since then we have only been working for a share of profits, guaranteeing everyone we work with that they will either make money or it will cost them exactly nothing.

There is a reason why we still work with our very first client from 9 years ago

Is it fair for a client to pay for work if the work brings no benefit?

I don’t think so.

Is it fair to get paid 10 thousand for making someone over a million. Not really.

So this is it.

There is no catch.

We do things this way for two reasons. It helps the world to be a better place, it gives chance to ideas, products and business that otherwise would not get it and it also allows us to make more money, if we manage to good job that is. If we do a bad job, we get rewarded with exactly nothing.

Makes sense to me, what about you?