There is one word that will help you write way better ads and sales copy. Even if you are not a seasoned copywriter.

Even bigger businesses often make a simple mistake.

In fact, getting samples of this mistake was so easy that I didn’t even have to scroll very far. First, two ads that I have seen in my Facebook feed both had it.

Let’s take a look at the first ad:

Ok, so the first thing your eye is drawn to, after glancing over the image is

“Easily Create Professional Animated Explainer Videos”

It is a bit cut because it was an ad in the sidebar, but that is what was supposed to be there, judging by the small text in the image which is similar.

Putting the same text there twice is not very clever at all however let’s skip that mistake because that is not the point of this article.

Under the headline, there is a text that offers a discount for the software offered.

Now let’s take a look at the website that the ad takes you to:

So it is “The absolute easiest tool ever”

If you stick to read more you also discover “for Making Unbelievably Awesome Professional Animated Explainer Videos, With Click and Drag Ease”

This mistake causes people to look at your ad and think “so what?”

I hear this and I honestly think “so what?”

I do not know why should I care…

The problem of most ads and websites that sell something is that they focus on themselves and their product.

It seems obvious to focus on your product and on you. It is your website.

You love your product.

The sad truth is, not many other people do.

In fact, you might be the only one.

You might be the only person that cares about your product, and I say that even though there might be a lot of people buying your thing.

The thing is that the people who buy your product most likely do not care about it at all.

Here is how to make people crazy about your product

The reason is that the only thing they really care about is the benefit it brings them. The product is irrelevant, it is all about the benefit that it has for them.

What I would care about when it comes to software that allows you to create animated explainer would be:

“Is it going to make me money, or make my life easier?”

And here is the likely answer to that question:

  •  Animated videos might increase conversion and therefore make me more money.
  • They might make it cheaper to produce instructional videos. I won’t have to hire an actor, a camera person, buy or rent equipment and so on.
  • It might be faster to make than setting up and creating a “real video”

Those are the things that I do care about.

I care about the changes and the benefits the product will bring to my life. Yet most people just talk about their product and themselves.

My guess is that if the headline on the page got changed from

“The absolute easiest tool”

to two bullet points that would say:

“Increase conversion and create marketing videos cheaper and faster.”
Learn more about easily creating animated explainer videos.

That headline would probably hook more people into actually reading their sales page.

There is a magic question that will instantly make your ads and your pages a lot better.

It is: “So? Why should I care?”

When you ask yourself that it will force you to think more like your customer does.

Take a quick look at this:

No joke, this is the entire description of an online horse training product for $400.

Do you see what is possibly wrong with it?

It just describes the exercises that it teaches. I know a little about horse riding. But when you say “Poke and flex” I really have no idea what you mean, or why should I care.

It makes sense to the person who wrote it, however to me, the potential customer, it doesn’t. I just think “So? Why should I care?”

This single word will boost your conversion through the roof

When you write about a feature of your product always include the word “so”

For example, we sell tailor-made halters. They look like this:

The main selling points are these

  • Tailor-made to fit
  • Ready for bitless riding
  • Custom leather name tag

And in fact, we have these points written on the sales website.

However, there is also the essential “so what?” section that elaborates on the particular selling point and explains why people should care.

It is tailor-made to fit? Why should I care?

standard fit halter that hits a horse in the eye

So, we continue explaining that it will not slide over your horse’s eye and irritate him. Possibly making him misbehave. (that point is also illustrated by showing regular-sized halters that have that problem) We also say how the better fit will allow you to communicate with your horse better and therefore your horse will listen to you better.

Next point.

Ready for bittles riding, so you no longer have to put a piece of metal into your horse’s mouth in order to be able to communicate with him while riding.

Next point.

Custom leather name tag, so you always know which halters belongs to which horse. Also, if your horse runs away, whoever finds him will be able to call you thanks to your phone number being engraved on it.

Are you starting to understand why this is important?

This is how you make people excited about your product

People do not care about your product. They care about what it brings to them.

And that is what you have to be talking about.

People don’t care about the halter being tailor-made, but they do care about their horse misbehaving.

They do not necessarily care about a leather name tag, but they do care about getting their horse back in case he runs away. They don’t care about riding bitless necessarily, but they might care about not putting a metal bit into the horse’s mouth that might hurt him.

People do not care about getting twenty videos and an eBook, they care about the results they get from it.

Think of it as not selling a “product” but rather a “transformation”

You move your customers from “before state” to “after state”

That is what you need to be focusing on.

Before they had fear of their horse being hurt because their halter hits him in the eye, now they will not have that fear.

If you were selling computers, most likely what you would really be selling is “you will no longer have to wait a long time for programs to load” “You will not lose your work because your computer crashed again” “You will not have to be looking for a charger all the time”

Those are the genuine improvements your customers will be feeling on a daily basis thanks to your product.

Every time you list a feature of a product or a service, you also have to think “so what? Why should I care?” and write about the benefits that the feature brings.

Here is to make it even more powerful

The features and benefits support each other.

Say only the feature (for example “tailor-made to fit”) and people will think “so what?”

Say only the benefit (for example ”your horse will listen better”) and people will think “I am not sure I believe that”

Say both of them and they will support each other.

Tailor-made to fit – So you can communicate with your horse better and he wont misbehave.

Now people get answers to both “so what?” and also to the “Why should I believe that?”

When you are writing about your product keep this in mind and a lot more people will buy and get genuinely excited about what you have to offer. Your ads will be better, your websites will be better.

If you want us to help you optimize your ads, and your website not only using this “trick” but hundreds of others in our arsenal, let’s get in touch. You will not even pay us. Click here for more info.